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Cause analysis of LED light strip ignition
Jun 14, 2017

1. Using a finer line, the line is overloaded.

Each wire has a square can carry the safe electricity flow, once through the electric wire current quantity exceeds the safe electricity flow will cause the electric wire instantaneous calorific value to be too big, causes the electric wire to fire.

2. Improper use of the line, causing a short-circuit fire.

Improper use of the line is also affecting the use of military love, such as one of the reasons, resulting in short circuit is mainly due to long time use of wire, the insulation layer of aging, rupture, loss of insulation, resulting in two-line collision; or is due to disorderly pull wires and caused short circuit, in the wiring process wire entangled, easy to cause the wire "insulation layer damage, causing short circuit."

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