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Cleaning skills of all kinds of lamps
Jun 14, 2017

1. Ceiling Lamp and chandelier

Ceiling lamps and chandeliers are hung in high places, Disassembly inconvenient, and lampshade, light bulbs and easily broken, can be light cotton socks or double bath towel over the hands, gently wipe, if the lamp is very dirty, you can pour a little kitchen detergent on the cotton socks, and finally clean the old cotton socks to wipe once, cleaning high lamps should be two of people to cooperate, pay attention to safety.

2. Floor Lamp

Floor lamp base of dirt, can use soft cloth dipped detergent cleaning lampshade, the first to pour the special detergent on the rag, and then wipe the part of the change cloth.

3. Table Lamp

Wipe the dust off the surface of the base, and then wipe the liquid, the special detergent containing the abrasive metal products, onto the soft cloth.

4. Spotlights

Relatively high lighting, need to clean the base, to wipe up the use of convenient tools, light cotton socks or double rubbing towel over the hand, can be very convenient to wipe, pay attention to power, as far as possible with dry cloth, such as wiping, such as water, detergent and other liquid cleaning, as far as possible to wring cloth to 90% dry, after cleaning the lamp on the attention do not leave liquid.

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