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The characteristics of LED lamps
Jul 10, 2017

First, the characteristics of LED lamps: LED lamp beads are a kind of light-emitting diodes, can be converted into light energy semiconductor, it changed the incandescent tungsten light and energy-saving lamps three primary colors of light principle, and the use of electric field light The LED lamps can be DC DC220V voltage, no starter and ballast. Start time is short, no flash frequency. 

The main features of LED lamps are: new green light source: LED cold light source, glare small, no radiation, the use of non-harmful substances. LED operating voltage is low, the use of DC drive mode, ultra-low power (single tube 0.03 ~ 0.06W), electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, in the same lighting effect than the traditional light source more than 80% energy saving. LED environmental benefits better, the spectrum does not have ultraviolet and infrared, and waste can be recycled, no pollution, no mercury elements, you can safely touch, are typical of green lighting.

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