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The choice of LED cabinet lighting
Jun 14, 2017

1. According to national standards, select the level of illuminance that meets the requirements of the work, and require uniformity of light, resulting in a comfortable visual effect, requiring a high degree of illumination suitable for local lighting.

2. The use of efficient light sources or lamps, LED cabinets lighting source of luminous flux and life will be listed in the factory product packaging, should choose high luminous flux and long life, the smallest power LED cabinet lamp or light source.

3. LED cabinets light source color index is slightly lower than the incandescent lamp, to choose the luminous efficiency and longevity of the most in line with indoor lighting energy-saving demand LED light source or lamps.

4. Select low glare LED cabinet lighting, at the same time according to environmental atmosphere requirements and illuminance, choose the appropriate color temperature led light source.

5. Select adjustable light, can change temperature led cabinet lamp, spring and autumn adjustment for 4000 -5000 color temperature, summer to 5000-6000 color temperature, winter adjustment to 3000-4000 color temperature.

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