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Why is the summer LED lamp easily bad?
Jun 14, 2017

1. Light conduction material is not enough, such as the existing low quality bulb all plastic, there is no heat radiator, the source heating heat conduction, how not bad?

2. Lighting design unreasonable, many lamps do not have a thermal design said, directly take the assembly of good, not through scientific experiments, how not bad?

3. Installation environment is unreasonable, LED lighting installation needs a certain amount of heat dissipation space to heat, there is the installation of humid environment, LED lamps in the humid environment, but also easy to bad, because the LED lamps are composed of electronic components, once the moisture impact on performance and lead to easy to bad, this reason, only the user's own use of attention.

Summed up, the summer LED lamps are easy to bad, mainly the quality of light fixtures with the use of problems, in the selection of lamps, the use of lamps in the process need attention.

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