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12V Stainless Steel Modern Kitchen Lighting Kitchen Under Cupboard Lights
Sep 08, 2017

12V stainless steel modern kitchen lighting kitchen under cupboard lights


LED cabinet light with on/off switch

1. Material: Stainless steel

2. Power: DC12V  3W  

3. LED chips: 12pcs SMD5050

4. LED color: Warm white / pure white

5. Cable length: 20cm

6. Size: 160*160*60mm



Wall mount LED cabinet light for illumination

1. Low energy consumption

2. Passed CE / ROHS certification

3. Perfect structure design

4. Long service life 50,000hours

5. High Luminous efficiency

6. All materials are harmless and recycled, no harmful emission during production, no pollution, no UV and IR

7. Easy to install, can be used in kitchen, dinning room, bedroom, children room and so on

cabinet light.jpg