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Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lighting, Led Stair Light With Remote Controller
Sep 19, 2017

battery operated under cabinet lighting, led stair light with remote controller

Model: WST-1813-5 (B/A/YK)

Material: ABS

Size: 275*20*23mm(L*W*H)

The type of power supply: 5pcs AAA batteries


PIR Sensor: When someone approaching the product, the light will

be on- off when leaving after 20seconds.

Vibration Sensor: Automatically turns on when you open any

drawer or cabinet - off when you close after 15 seconds.

Remote Control: Press the button,light on, press it again for long time,light off.

Applications: Cabinet, Wardrobe, Shoes Case, Desk,Hallway,Drawer,

Bedside,Bathroom Cabinet,Door