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How To Choose LED Lights For Home Decoration?
Jun 14, 2017

The selection of the living room ceiling lamp attention point: the living room ceiling lamp is the main lighting effect, do not pick too fancy ceiling lamp, although the surface good-looking but care more trouble, practicality is not strong, suggest the selection of simple and generous ceiling lamp.

Selection of spotlights (Day lantern) Note: Now smallpox spotlights are divided into frosted, lens, metal categories, select the lens to select one, this kind of light transmittance is stronger, the lamp bead divides into 1W one, 0.75W one, to choose 1W a lamp bead full power of the spotlights, such use time is long enough, light decay also relatively slow, enough light.

The choice of bedroom lamps should not be too fancy, because the commercial floor height is not too high, and there are more things in the bedroom, to take care of more trouble, so simple and generous ceiling lamp is good, the bulb is the best choice for making warm and romantic.