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Introduction Of LED Sensing Lamps
Aug 14, 2017

    LED sensor light is a kind of through the module automatically control the light source of a new type of intelligent lighting products. 

    First, LED light source in the application of induction lamp products, publicity advantages (long switch life, high luminous efficiency, small size, easy to control), to avoid the shortcomings (no sustained high temperature caused by light failure, color is often lower Become a problem).

    Second, the energy-saving benefits can be quickly recovered early high input, long life to save a lot of labor costs.

    Third, the automatic switch to the people's life has brought great convenience, people (car) to light, people (car) go light off. Particularly suitable for underground garage, stairway walkway, automation plant, warehouse, elevator, entrance, balcony and other areas need to automatically open and close the lighting are very applicable.