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Is The Application Prospect Of The White Light LED Lighting New Light Source?
Feb 07, 2018

The application prospect of white light LED lighting new light source. To illustrate the characteristics of the white light LED, look at the condition of the light source. Incandescent and halogen lamps, with a light effect of 12~24 lumens / watts, and a fluorescent lamp and a HID lamp with a light effect of 50~120 lumens / watts. For white LED: in 1998, the luminous efficiency of white LED was only 5 lumens / tiles. By 1999, it had reached 15 lumens / watts. This index is similar to the general household incandescent lamp. While in 2000, the luminous efficiency of white LED has reached 25 lumens / tile, which is similar to halogen tungsten lamp. The company predicts that by 2005, the light effect of LED can reach 50 lumens / watts, and by 2015, the light effect of LED is expected to reach 150~200 lumens / watts. The current white LED then can be either training. Thus it can be seen that the development of white light LED writers will be possible with lighting light sources.

Incandescent lamps and halogen lamps for general lighting purposes although cheap, but the low light efficiency (wasted power consumption thermal effect lamp), short service life, maintenance workload, but if using white LED for lighting, not only high light efficiency, and long service life (more than 10000 hours of continuous work), almost no maintenance. German Hella company has developed the aircraft reading lamp using white light LED. A street in Canberra, Australia has used white LED for street lighting. Our city traffic management lamp is also replacing the early traffic order indicator with white light LED. It can be foreseen that in the near future, white LED will enter the home to replace the existing lights.

The LED light source has the advantages of low voltage power supply, less energy consumption, high applicability, high stability, short response time, no pollution to the environment, and multicolor lighting. Although the price is more expensive than the existing lighting equipment, it is still considered that it will inevitably replace the existing lighting devices.

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