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LED Cabinet Light Installation Matters
Jun 14, 2017

1. LED cabinet lighting before the power cut off, should not be charged installation;

2. Please install electrician or personnel with relevant experience;

3. Fixing the lighting with wood screws on the non combustible objects;

4. Avoid the area which is installed above the heat source object, the direct sunlight, the airflow and the temperature change significant;

5. In front of the inductor do not have an obstacle to affect its induction or the heat source object that has been moving;

6. To ensure maximum detection range, ceiling installation height: 2.5-3M, wall mount Height: 1.8-2M;

7. Avoid exposing products to outdoor, direct rain position;

8. Do not touch the inductive lens with a sharp or coarse contaminant;

9. The sensor switch should be installed in the position with the luminaire to maintain the distance of more than 50cm, and to avoid direct light on the sensor; LED cabinet lighting.