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LED Decorative Lamp Development
Jun 14, 2017

Led development can be divided into three stages: the emergence of red LED, Blu-ray led and white light led appear.

Red and green LEDs have been developed for decades, but they are monochrome LEDs,

If let it be light, the object will be put on a color, rather than the color of the body itself, so the application of LED has a certain limit, led development of the ultimate goal is the brightness of high white light led, can completely replace the traditional light source.

It was a long and arduous road, until the Japanese scientist, Shong, made a Blu-ray led in 1993 with a complex, this breakthrough in the history of LED development has a decisive role, based on the role of this Blu-ray led, White LED will soon be invented in 1997, from this led products are widely used in various fields and is considered to be the future of light source.