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LED Infrared Sensor Light
Aug 15, 2017

Infrared sensor:

    Infrared sensor of the main device for the human body pyroelectric infrared sensor.

    Human body pyroelectric infrared sensor: the human body has a constant body temperature, usually about 37 degrees, so will send a specific wavelength of about 10UM infrared, passive infrared probe is to detect the human body to launch about 10UM infrared and work. The human body emits about 10UM of infrared light through the Fresnel lens filter to enhance the accumulation of infrared sensor source. 

    Infrared sensor source is usually used pyroelectric components, such components in the body to receive infrared radiation temperature changes will lose the charge balance, the release of charge, follow-up circuit after the detection process can trigger the switch action. 

    When someone enters the switch sensing range, the dedicated sensor detects changes in the infrared spectrum of the human body, the switch automatically turns on the load, the person does not leave the sensing range, the switch will continue to be connected; after leaving or no action in the sensing area, (Time adjustable TIME 5-120 seconds) automatically shut down the load. Infrared sensor switch sensing angle of 120 degrees, distance 7-10 meters, adjustable time delay.