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Selection Of Color Temperature Of Lamps
Jun 14, 2017

A lot of people do not know the color incredibly there is temperature, in fact, the color is not temperature, but the choice of the lamp is colored temperature exists, the temperature of the incandescent lamp is generally between 3000-4000, and daylight color in 5000-6000, the color of the more white temperature higher, the colder the feeling.

As a result, we often select the bedroom lamps, will choose the warm white light (yellow light), this can make people feel more warm; the living room will usually choose white light, so that the color is high, to see things clearer; some clothing stores, supermarkets will also choose different color temperature, such as the vegetable area we will choose, some green lights to cater to the color of the plant, the meat area to choose egg yellow, so that the product looks more fresh; clothing stores are generally warm white, normal incandescent color, This can look softer, reduce the contrast of the color, so that some of the original color is not too coordinated clothes, nor appear too stiff.