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The Source Of LED Light
Jul 29, 2017

   For general lighting, white leds are usually formed in two ways in the process structure. The first is to use the "blue light technology" to form white light with the phosphor powder. 

  The second is a variety of monochromatic methods. Both methods have succeeded in producing white light devices. 

  The first method to produce white light system is shown in figure 1, figure in the LED GaM hair blue chip (lambda p = 465 nm), it and YAG phosphors (yttrium aluminum garnet) encapsulated together, when the phosphor blu-ray excitation yellow light.

as a result, the blue and yellow light mixed to form white light (a LED structure as shown in figure 2). The second method USES chips of different coloured lights to encapsulate together and produce white light through the blending of each color light.