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WEISTAI-Wireless LED Cabinet Light
Jul 12, 2017

Motion sensor LED Cabinet Light

(Wireless,Rechargeable,which is safe and energy saving.)

The model WST-1816-CD6 LED cabinet light is made of ultra-thin aluminum with rechargeable lithium battery.

High quality,wireless,with magnetic adsorption,easy to install,can be installed in a smooth dry place.

CD6 4.jpg

WST-1816-CD6-GB has PIR sensor,when someone close to the product,light on,light off when people leaving after 20seconds.

1 (12).jpg

WST-1816-CD6-SS has Hand Sweep sensor,using your hand to close to the sensor,light on,light off when hand sweep again.

1 (17).jpg

WST-1816-CD6-JG has Approaching sensor,when you open any drawer or cabinet,light on,light off when you close it.

1 (10).jpg