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What Is The Principle Of LED?
Feb 05, 2018

The relationship between the spectrum of light and the white light of LED. The spectrum of visible light is 380nm to 760nm, which is the seven color light that human eyes can feel. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and blue, but these seven colors of light are all monochromatic light.

For example, the peak wavelength of the red light in LED hair is 565nm. In the visible light spectrum is not white light, because white is not monochromatic light, but light composite by a variety of monochromatic light synthesis, as the sun light is composed of seven kinds of monochromatic and white light, white light color TV is composed of three primary colors of red, green and blue synthesis.

Thus, in order to make LED white light, its spectral characteristics should include the entire visible spectrum range. But it is not possible to make the LED of this performance. According to the research of visible light, the white light that human eyes can see needs at least two kinds of light mixing, that is, the two wavelength luminescence (blue light + yellow light) or the three wavelength luminescence (blue light + green light + red light).

The above two modes of white light need blue light, so blue light has become the key technology to create white light, which is the blue light technology pursued by the major LED manufacturing companies. There are only a few blue light technologies in the world, so the promotion and application of white light LED, especially the promotion of high brightness white LED in China, is still a process.

White light LED process structure and white light source. For general lighting, in the process structure, white LED is usually formed by two ways. The first is to use white light technology to form white light with the phosphor and the second one is a variety of monochromatic light mixing methods. Both of these two methods have been able to produce white light devices successfully. The first way is to create white light system. The LED GaM chip produces blue light (lambda p=465nm), which is packaged with YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) phosphor. When the phosphor is stimulated by blue light, it will send yellow light. As a result, the blue light and yellow light will be mixed to form white light. The second methods are packaged together with different color light chips, and white light is produced by mixing color light.